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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Chinese ports reopen after Typhoon Chanthu

Already struggling to deal with delays and heavy congestion, container terminals in Shanghai and Ningbo, closed as Typhoon Chanthu made landfall in Zhejiang province on Monday, also forcing the closure of Shanghai’s two airports. Ningbo’s container terminals, which were closer…

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HGV driver crisis hidden for years

The shortage of truck drivers in the UK, which is now impacting the public directly, has been growing for the best parts of two decades, but has been largely hidden by the careful management of freight forwarders and the supply…

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UK delays more Brexit border checks

Paperwork requirements due in October have been delayed and  physical inspections of EU food imports due to start in January 2022 have now been put back to July 2022, with requirement to pre-notify border staff of arriving food products also been…

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