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Monthly Archives: August 2023

Fifth delay to EU food border checks

The UK Government has announced that post-Brexit checks on EU imported food and food products have been delayed for a fifth time and pushed back to end January 2024, however, with over a third of EU exporters unprepared, it may…

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HMRC extend export declarations move to CDS

The government has extended the timeline for businesses to be submitting export declarations on HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS), which is replacing the legacy CHIEF system. The Customs Declaration Service has already replaced imports in the UK and we…

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Seize trans-Atlantic opportunities before market rebounds

Once the container shipping lines’ most steady and dependable trade-lane, and then their unexpected post-pandemic cash cow, the trans-Atlantic market has dropped dramatically and offers shippers a significant opportunity, but only if they act now, before the market rebounds. Spot…

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Freight market report – August 2023

While much has been made of the impact of the peak season from Asia on sea freight rates, arguably the line’s capacity management is a bigger driver, with rising rates to the US and attempts to recover revenue from Asia…

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Review of sea freight rates ex Asia

Spot sea freight rates from Asia to Northern Europe spiked last week by 25%, but may now have fallen back over 7%, while average spot rates from Asia to the US West Coast have increased 70% over the last two…

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Food border checks may be delayed again

The Financial Times reported last week that post-Brexit UK border food checks, that were due to commence at the end of February, may be delayed for 5th time, due to cost and inflation fears. The FT’s report last week, said…

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