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Monthly Archives: December 2023

Container ships divert away from Suez Canal

Following a series of attacks on container ships off the coast of Yemen shipping lines are suspending passage through the Red Sea to the Suez Canal and diverting vessels around Africa, adding 10 days to transit times. The day after…

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Threat to container shipping

Just yesterday a Norwegian ship was attacked, one of many ships targeted in the Red Sea, due to escalating tensions in the Middle East around the war in Gaza. ZIM has already diverted its ships from the Suez to the…

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New and possible sea freight surcharges for 2024

Surcharges like BAF and CAF have become a standard feature of freight rate calculations, but there will always be scepticism of temporary surcharges and new ancillaries like the ‘container shifting’ charge announced by Maersk to cover re-stows on its ships.…

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Hong Kong air freight spiking

The pre-Christmas spike in eCommerce volumes out of China means that demand for air cargo space has risen 5%, driving rates up 11% from Hong Kong and China to the US and 9% to the UK. Having anticipated no peak…

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