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A challenging challenger

At PSP Worldwide Logistics we pride ourselves on overcoming a challenge. Even when the subject of the challenge is used to overcoming its own challenges!

The construction sector and project movements are areas that we have immense experience in, so it was rather apposite that a recent web site enquiry straddled both areas.

Our new client had a Yanmar C120R tracked dump truck to ship to Thailand, which was required urgently on a construction project, in a specialist role.

Dump trucks are tough. Resilient pieces of specialist construction kit, that are designed to work in the most challenging environments, with the most uncompromising workloads.

The Japanese built Yanmar tracked dumpers are renowned for their durability and reliability. They are used in special circumstances, providing a more even distribution of weight, which allow the operator to carry heavier payloads on slick, snowy, or boggy surfaces.

From the smaller C12R pictured here, to the C120R transported by PSP, which weighs in at 13 tonnes.

The C120R measures 8.3mx2.9mx2.9m, which means the truck was too big to fit in, or on, an ISO container, and meant it had to be transported to the port, for transfer to a ship, securing aboard and shipment as conventional cargo.

The truck cannot be driven on the road and it’s size, meant that it had to be craned onto a low-loader, so that it would pass under highway bridges.

But with the combined height of the low-loader and truck exceeding the clearance for some urban bridges, the PSP team conducted site surveys to ensure that potential collisions would be avoided and the truck delivered in time to meet its sailing.

The truck is now in Thailand, with its new owners.