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Brexit ready Dover

Brexit developments

While leaked government documents warn of ‘no-deal’ delays to medicine, shortages of fresh foods and price rises, HMRC have reissued their Brexit Ro/Ro processes and easements, designed to keep traffic flowing after Brexit.

HMRC prepared a number of processes and easements ahead of the original Brexit deadline of 29th March 2019, that would only come into force if the UK were to leave the EU without any deal or Withdrawal Agreement.

They have reissued all their guidance, including the new scheme Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) at RoRo locations is designed as an ‘Easement’ of traffic for Day 1.

Originally intended just for the channel ports, TSP has been subsequently extended to all major Ro/Ro locations. See list

Traders with an EORI can (directly or through their forwarder) make standard declarations, or register to use TSP, to delay the lodging of full ‘Standard’ goods declarations at RoRo locations until at least 5th May 2020.

With the EORI take-up remaining stubbornly low, HMRC announced that all VAT-registered firms in the UK – which had not already signed up – would receive notification of an allocated EORI number directly from HMRC.

While this positive action by HMRC should be welcomed, estimates suggest that over 150,000 businesses have still to make any preparations ahead of Brexit.

There are TSP ‘Standard’ and ‘Controlled’ Goods processes, but TSP will not be applicable to goods which are imported from outside the EU and are subject to a Customs Special Procedure.

We will continue to share important information, but you can stay up to date by signing up to HMRC’s EU Exit alert service.

The Government’s Border Delivery Group presentation, HMG Day 1 No Deal (D1ND) RoRo Business Requirements, consolidates all current planning into a single document and has now been made public. You can download a copy HERE