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Category: Brexit

Importers need to take action; HMRC’s new declaration system

After 30 years, HMRC is replacing its customs declaration service, CHIEF, in the summer and action is required by importers ahead of its launch. (more…)

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Full EU import controls delayed till end 2023

While the EU introduced full border controls on goods from GB in January 2021, the UK has phased in EU import controls, and the latest import controls due in July 2022, have been deferred for the 4th time. What does…

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UK border changes see trucks delayed for days

Changes to the operation of the EU/UK border came into force on the 1st January 2022, with the full customs clearance of imports from the EU, but the crashing of HMRC’s new IT system left trucks stranded at Calais for…

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UK delays more Brexit border checks

Paperwork requirements due in October have been delayed and  physical inspections of EU food imports due to start in January 2022 have now been put back to July 2022, with requirement to pre-notify border staff of arriving food products also been…

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No-deal Brexit tariff

Tariffs will be removed from 87% of imports, while some imports including selected foodstuffs and cars will go up, the government announced yesterday. Goods from the EU are currently tariff-free, but in the case of a no-deal Brexit, World Trade…

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