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It’s what we deliver, that sets us apart…….again

Once again a challenge highlights the PSP Worldwide Logistics difference and underlines how very different we are to run-of-the-mill freight forwarders.

When it comes to delivering a shipment the freight forwarder views their job as complete when they open the doors of the lorry.

At PSP Worldwide Logistics, as the case studies on this site prove, we do not think our delivery job is complete until the customer has their consignment, where they want it

In this most recent example, our exporting client had been asked by his customer in Istanbul to design and build a scale model of a building development, for their offices.

However when he specified the scale for his model. He gave no consideration to its resulting size and building access to its intended display.

The PSP Worldwide Logistics team attended the Istanbul site to deliver and install and quickly identified the ramifications of this oversight.

Within 24 hrs we had planned and positioned specialised lifting equipment to take the model through a window directly to its display location.

In the words of the receiving customer. “These guys just saved my bacon. We ordered a custom made model for our offices in Turkey and when PSP Worldwide Logistics tried to deliver it had been made too large for the doorway!

Most forwarders would have walked away, but PSP Worldwide Logistics placed our crate into storage whilst they solved the problem.

Next day these guys turned up with a 50ft mobile crane!

They delivered my crate through a window and unpacked and installed, taking away all debris, they even hoovered!

Not what you expect from your usual forwarder. we will definitely be using these guys from now on. Amazing……..could not recommend enough.”