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PPE Importing medical products

Importing medical products

In these uncertain times, when we need to import medical products, supply chains are more important than ever, which is why our team has been designated essential workers, especially when it comes to protecting NHS and care workers risking their health, in the fight against this disease.

PSP Worldwide Logistics has been sourcing and shipping a wide range of essential medical, breathing and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the public and private sector, from manufacturers across China and the United States.

PSP managing director, Colin Redman. “The procurement and importing of medical products was already incredibly challenging due to massive global demand, complicated by lockdowns in India, a major production hub and the strict new quality control measures implemented by China at the beginning of the month, to end the exporting of sub-standard medical equipment.

Working closely with our partners in China, we liaise directly with the primary factories in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing to obtain the required quality control assurances, to comply with the new export controls and arrange key customs clearances, to keep these critical supply chains running.

Currently there is a temporary suspension on both Duty and VAT on these goods, which can be up to 12% on the price of these goods and we ensure every shipper benefits from, particularly those that have previously relied on domestic suppliers and not imported before.

The severe shortages of direct air freight capacity from the US and China continues to be a significant challenge that often requires imagination to overcome, with some shipments flying on alternative routes for transhipment or, if there is sufficient lead time, moving via express sea freight services.

We are currently investigating options to charter A330 aircraft from Shenzen for importing UK bound medical equipment and products.”