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Archive: Coronavirus

Shanghai in lockdown after COVID surge

After recording 2,630 new COVID cases on Saturday, Shanghai started a nine-day lockdown yesterday, which will be conducted in two stages, so that half the city will remain functioning while authorities carry out infection testing. (more…)

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China freight market update

The critical Chinese port of Ningbo has returned to normal operation, while trucking operations in Shenzhen and Tianjin are now facing interruptions, due to COVID testing of drivers and Hong Kong air crew quarantines have slashed air cargo capacity. (more…)

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Yantian port to reopen on 24th June

The Yantian port area (YICT) will resume normal operations from 00:00 on the 24th June, but it will take weeks to work through the backlog of container stacks in the terminal, with productivity impacted across Shenzhen, Chiwan, Shekou, and Nansha.…

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Yantian disruption impacting terminals across the Pearl River Delta

The severe congestion that has been impacting Yantian for over two weeks is now worse than March’s Suez Canal blockage and has spread to Shekou and Nansha, with new testing rules for truck drivers creating even more disruption. (more…)

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