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Liverpool port strike – Felixstowe brace for more

Dock workers at the Port of Liverpool will walk out for two weeks of strike action, from the 19th September, as fears grow that further action could be coordinated with Felixstowe union members.

The Liverpool strike, which will involve more than 560 maintenance engineers and other workers, is in response to the Unite union’s rejection of a 7% offer, which it said was under the UK’s inflation rate. Peel Ports, which owns the Port of Liverpool, said its proposed pay package represented an 8.3% raise.

Liverpool is Britain’s fourth-largest container and RoRo port and is popular for transatlantic cargo. The strike’s timing is in line with peak season for inventory restocking ahead of the holidays and comes just weeks after workers at Felixstowe ended an eight-day walkout, without a deal, with delays still being cleared

The recent strike at the port of Felixstowe, that ended on the 29th August saw vessel calls drop from 29 to 5, but even with this massive drop in throughput, we note that waiting times tripled from 10 hours at the beginning of August to 30 hours.

We cleared all our containers from Felixstowe’s terminals ahead of the strike and are monitoring the situation at the port carefully.

Unite is surveying its members at Felixstowe to determine which course of action they wish take next, which may include overlap with action at the Mersey port, but the Unite union will not comment.

Hutchison, the company that owns and operates Felixstowe, has not increased its previous offer of a 7% pay rise and a one-off payment of £500 and we are currently in a stand-off between workers facing the cost-of-living crisis and the company offer of 7% plus £500.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will report on developments as they happen, so that you can make informed decisions and avoid possible issues, before they become problems.